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Chris Morris is an acclaimed writer and editor specializing in the consumer electronics and video game industries. He is the chief technology blogger for Variety (as well as a tech correspondent for the paper), a regular contributor to and Yahoo! Games and editor-at-large for game industry trade site Gamasutra. He also writes frequently for Common Sense Media, Official Xbox Magazine, GameSpy and IndustryGamers.

Chris is also a veteran financial journalist with more than 23 years of experience, 13 of which were spent with some of the Internet’s biggest sites. As Director of Content Development, he was a key part of the senior management team that helped grow to one of the most prominent financial sites online. (He also served as weekly columnist). Later, he served as Managing Editor of Yahoo! Finance.

Before the rise of the Internet as a viable communications medium, he delivered morning and afternoon drive time reports for WGST radio in Atlanta for a seven-year run.

He has appeared on The CBS Evening News, CNN, CNBC, CNN Headline News, CNN International, CNNfn, G4 and Spike TV. He is a frequent radio commentator, having been asked to discuss technology trends and news on a plethora of stations around the country, including KNEW (San Francisco), KOGO (San Diego), and WREC (Memphis). Chris has also served as a judge for the E3 Critics Awards and sat on the Board of Advisors for Spike TV’s Video Game Awards Show.

In addition to his activities as a broadcaster, writer, reporter and editor, Chris is also a frequent panel moderator and speaker at major conferences, including the Consumer Electronics Show, South by Southwest, Digital Hollywood and the Ziff Davis Electronic Gaming Summit.

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